Dogging Locations In Surrey

April 21st, 2014

Dogging locations in and around Surrey the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. there is normally something going on at the car park at wisley behind the cafe(junction of A3 and M25) always lots of blokes looking but few ladies turn up so if you want lots of attention thats the please to head (all the guy that go there very safe and friendly) Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Surrey you have found so we can keep our list up to date. Chobham Common., Holly Lane car park, Epsom Downs, Hog’s Back on the Surrey Hills., Shirley Hills the south car-park, Esher Common car park, Stanborough Lakes, Wraycommon woods reigate, Denham nature reserve, St Anns Hill, Chertsey, Elm Corner A3National Trust Woodland car-park, Reigate Hill, Nork park, Hampton Hill, Puttenham Common Top Car Park, Ham House car-park, Epsom racecourse, West End Lane - Esher, Ambarrow woods, Mercers Park, just off the A217 Cobham The common car-parks on the drive to the American School. Watch this Indian swinger getting fucked at this dogging spot in Surrey

well spoken English girl goes dogging

April 17th, 2014

Usually in these dogging films, the girls can be a bit rough and are usually northerners. But Jenifer is from down south ans is well spoken. It is a bit of a shame she isn’t wearing anything sexier. But this is her first time dogging. You would not know it is Jennifers first time dogging as she takes to it like a duck to water. It is obviously a bit cold. But we can’t let the cold weather get in the way can we. Watch as Jenifer sucks of a load of doggers at this dogging spot.

dogging wife sucking two doggers

April 16th, 2014

In these pictures we shot our very sexy MILF wife outside sucking two cocks as well as getting a cock up her cunt and one in her arse. In the complete long series, this filthy wife cant get enough cock and lets these guys put their cocks anywhere they want. To see the complete series of our wife fucking and sucking these doggers outside visit British Doggers here


British Doggers Trailer

April 12th, 2014

The British housewife has taken the doggin craze by storm. She likes nothing better than strangers watching her strip and fuck their husbands. I go far and wide around Britain to find these hot British babes. When I do I’m never disappointed. I’ve now built up a reputation for being a top dogger and housewife’s and husbands often invite me to capture it in film.


Kate goes dogging again apparently

April 8th, 2014

Lets hope that Kate does not stop going dogging looking at this video. In this movie Kate goes dogging again, Kate gets fucked bare back by a load of horny doggers. Kate is the sort of perfect slut that every dogger dreams about when he turns up to a dogging spot. The sort of dirty dogging slut who will fuck and suck anyone and has 3 or 4 doggers cocks in her mouth at any one time. This dirty dogging slut doesn’t even know or care who put their cock in her cunt or mouth and certainly doesn’t care who shoots their load in her mouth

Dogging Locations In Hampshire

April 5th, 2014

Hampshire is also home to numerous dogging sites used by horny local Hampshire doggers If you want to find out where the real fun in Hampshire is happening then forget all those boring attractions and join the dogging action in and around Hampshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Hampshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. Lime Pit Carparks, Portchester Castle main car park, The Viewpoint (car-park), Portsdown Hill, Hankley common car park, Fort Nelson which is the West end of the hill., Avon Heath Country Park, Matchams View, Marchwood Enclosure, Dibden, new forest, 100 Acres Wood, Wickham, Ringwood, crabtree plantation, Avon Forest, Ringwood, Shirley Heights, Avon Heath Country Park, Butser Hill Car Park, Portsdown Hill Car park, New Forest, Portsdown hill, Southampton Common. watch these two wild girls flashing in Hampshire. watch the full length movie here at exxxposers

video clips off girlfriend sucking off her boyfriend in a car

April 1st, 2014

In These movie clips we have this real uk couple in a car. This hot British slapper sucks her big black boyfriends cock in his car at a local dogging spot. To see more of this real UK couple and many other UK couples sucking and fucking. Visit Real UK Couples here

video clips off an exhibitionist cumming over his wifes belly

March 28th, 2014

Dogging In The UK craze has taken the British housewife by storm! She likes nothing better than strangers watching her strip and fuck their husbands. They often get so hot, they let complete strangers join in! I am there to take pics, films and sometimes join in. These videos were taken from British Doggers This swinging couple are fucking outside in the local dogging spot. After this husband finishes fucking his wife, some stranger who was watching has a go on her

Dogging Locations In London

March 24th, 2014

Dogging locations in and around London the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around London you have found so we can keep our list up to date. Dulwich The lane that leads up to Dulwich golf course, ladywell park, Oxleas Woods Car Park, Kenton, north of Wembley Barn Hill recreation area, Clapham Common, Elmfield Road Swimming Pool, Hampstead Heath, Addington Hills east of Croydon, Wimbledon Park, Lee Green, Chiltonian Industrial estate, Barnes Common tennis courts car park, Chumleigh Gardens, Burgess park, Whipps Cross, Cranford Park & Car Park This lucky fucker gets to fuck these two hot dirty swinging sluts in this public swinging movie

New Blog Added: Janey Web’s Diaries

March 20th, 2014

Check out this new site Janey Web Diaries. This is Janey Web, the UK’s number one swingers blog. It has stories, pictures and videos and is updated on a regular bases. Check out the diaries here

big boob milf flashing in the sun

March 16th, 2014

Here is our MILF housewife Demi outside in the sun. Our big boobed British MILF has gone out in her sports car in the sun for a drive. They have stopped on the way to get the car roof down and to get Demi’s top down, to reveal our housewifes great big boobs. What a site this would be, driving in the country and seeing Demi with her big tits out flashing. To see the complete series of this busty MILF and all the demi content visit Simply Demi here


Amateurs flashing live on webcam

March 12th, 2014

I have not yet discovered a webcam web-site that may be only a proper British flashers cam web page. Nonetheless my partner and I have observed a good site which has loads involving exhibitionists on webcam. Yet in any case, who genuinely cares, what most people definitely would like is usually some sort of bitch on web cam you can easily enjoy plus have a wank over. No matter wherever they are usually from. Exactly who cares exactly where the bitch’s are from while you has these individuals live on cam putting on naughty sex shows. Most of these are several of the genuine whores we have have seen and also recorded live on cam, performing sex shows for us. It’s simple to be able to record the live cam shows with any kind of movie editing program and also movie capturing software, there are generally lots of free software program on the market to be able to capture live feeds. Although to tell the truth at this time there is actually simply no serious need, since now there are 100’s of sexy sluts on web cam on this particular site 24 hours a day. In the event that you want to be able to get command of this web cam action, in that case look at this web cam web-site right now, in any other case enjoy this video clip we have created regarding many naughty slappers live on web cam.

Dogging Locations In Cornwall

March 8th, 2014

Tourists and locals alike ‘cum’ together in Cornwall to go dogging. Dogging locations in and around Cornwall the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Cornwall you have found so we can keep our list up to date. With the laid back Cornish attitude these doggers there is plenty of dogging going on through out the night. Colliford Lake car park, St Mewan Dip Layby, widemouth bay car park, St. Austell Nudist beach at Carlyon Bay, Kit Hill Country Park, Grampound lay-by, cornwall coast road between porttreath and halye, St Anthony Head car park MILF exhibitionist flashing outside at this dogging spot on Cornwall. See this full length movie at exxxposers

dogging in fishnet stockings

March 4th, 2014

It is nice to see some ladies who go dogging getting all dressed up. Like this dogging slut, dressed up in fishnet stockings. Watch as she sucks all the doggers who come in front of the camera in this 20 minute dogging movie. She fucks and sucks all comers at this dogging spot. Black white, young old, all get to fuck this British blonde MILF dogger.

UK Road Trips: great new blog

March 3rd, 2014


Great new free blog. UK Road Trips

UK Road Trips is a free blog about one man, Marino and his friends and their naughty exploits throught the UK with all the dirty sluts they can find. Marino is doing what all red blooded males want to do. He is spending his time fucking dirty slappers, filming it and then making a living from it. Can you imagine, getting paid to fuck dirty young whores.

UK Road Trips has top  quality movies staring himself and his friends picking up any old tart they can find, from bus stops, street corners, boats and birds from the street and then fucks them for all the world to see. Boy are these sluts dirty.

Check out UK Road Trips here 

Videos from UK road trips in Essex

February 27th, 2014

It was time for some R and R on the beach of Southend… or in one of the pubs rather! But even on our day off we carry our cameras, just in case. And sure enough, all of a sudden we were confronted by two girls with a real Essex reputation! To see the full length movie visit UK Road Trips Here


Dogging Locations In Warwickshire

February 23rd, 2014

Dogging in Warwickshire is a popular hobby with our swingers in Warwickshire, you really can’t beat the thrill of outdoor sex Dogging locations in and around Warwickshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. If you are a Warwickshire dogger & voyeur and want to know where other doggers & wives are meeting up for public sex, Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Warwickshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. Barr Beacon car park, Hayward Nature Reserve, Bescot Station Car-Park., West Bromwich Park, Sandwell Valley Country Park. Sutton Coldfield Park, Burton Dassett Hills Country Park, Ryton Pools, Stone Bridge Island. Two girls piss on a public street in Warwickshire. See the full length version of this movie at exxxposers

Uk Roadtrip to: Esher!

February 19th, 2014

Snappers place proved to be extremely attractive to our team and again we were on our way to the stately gardens, this time in the company of Lisa and Angelina. After Marino tried fucking one of them at the swing the party continued at the pool side… To see the Esher girls get fucked, visit here


New Blog: UK street sluts

February 15th, 2014

A great new blog has started. All about UK Street Sluts. Here is what Jim Slip had to say

“Hi folks welcome to my wonderful world of slutty girls! Yes if you like cute babes clad in stockings, little skirts, high heels and all sorts of other kinky clobber, getting shafted, by moi, then you’ve come to the right place! They’re all here; old, young, tall, small, fattish…..thin, all with one thing in common……….a hunger for dick! So, come on down and watch in wonder as I entice girls off the street, with my “£500.00 Challenges” or simply, “How much for a shag?” routine. I don’t care, all babes are welcome, if they’ve got a pulse, they’re in!!!”

Visit UK Street Sluts here

Dogging Locations In Cheshire

February 11th, 2014

Below is a list of some of the best known UK dogging locations in and around Cheshire. The dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Cheshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. If you have visited or know anyone who has visited any of the dogging locations in Cheshire that we list,  then please feel free to add your comments. Birchwood Forest Park car-park, Bebington library, Mow Cop road, Congleton - The small wood at the rear of Bosley Cloud, Chadkirk Lane off Dooley Lane, River Weaver in Winsford Cheshire, Alderley Edge - The main car-park, Gayton on the Wirral, Macclesfield Forest car-park, Ellesmere port boat museum car park, Broxton Picnic area, Crewe Park (Queens Park), Little Budworth, Cheshire, Silver Lane Risley Nr Warrington, Runcorn - The Old Norton Rec Site. This dirty wife gets shared by her husband and he and this stranger fuck her outside in public in Cheshire

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