Videos taken from UK road trips

May 20th, 2015

UK Roadtrips presents The London Trip. This is the big one, the time when I feel the UK Road Trips really came together. Luckily I had Bob the Knob back; they finally found a drug that allowed him to be out in public for more than five minutes without getting his cock out. He lasted at least 6 minutes. The girl of my dreams joined me on this Road Trip, and although living with Rebekah Jordan, I knew my heart had been stolen by this woman, Sonia arrived, she is half Egyptian, and takes you to the banks of the Nile with one look into her eyes. We picked her up from the Station and no sooner was she in the wagon when her clothes were off and this stunningly beautiful dusky lady was writhing over my ever stiffening cock. Oh my God I knew this was gonna be a movie. We set off that evening in search of the perfect night out, we picked up the ever rampant Jo Marshall from good old Tooting, and set off for the Kings Road Chelsea, Sonia and Jo were the perfect combination of ladies to take out to London. We hit Hammersmith Palais one of the greatest clubs in the world, we pulled up outside as the crowds were waiting to get in, we ran past security and the girls went straight to party mode, what ensued I can only thank my lucky stars, we were whisked up to the V.I.P suite where we gave the 50 men strong security team a live two girl show then me and bob entered the equation and the girls. What a night in London. Here are three small clips of the night. To see the full length movie visit UK Road Trips here


Interracial sex in the park

May 17th, 2015

We took Karen into the woods for some nudity, sucking and fucking and nearly got rumbled! Karen had stripped down to her panties when 2 cyclists appeared from nowhere… so a hasty run-and-hide was called for! Once the mountain bikers has passed, Karen sucked Tony’s cock for while before he fucked her pussy. Terry then joined in the action for some 3-some fun. The second part of this movie sees 3 studs taking there turn drilling the redhead in a bedroom ending with a large cumshot which coats Karen from her stomach to her forehead! To see more, visit here

Two girls get down in a car and on the train

May 14th, 2015

Meet the twins Lena and Olga. In fact several passers-by, pedestrians and motorists meet these twins… and what an eyefull they get! In the back of a cab we take a journey with both Lena and Olga flashing there bits to the motorists. One guy in a truck puts his foot down hard on the gas to get a closer look from behind! He even pulls up alongside the cab and shouts out “are those twins”… amazing stuff! The girls also get there pussies eaten and give a handjob Once out of the cab, these leggy twins walk down the street, raise there skirts and flash there tits. Look out soon for the conclusion… To see more, visit here

Dirty little slut sucking on a train

May 11th, 2015

Sluts like Layla Jade can’t get in trouble for their antics that’s for sure. Why not? Because the law doesn’t yet have a citation for “fucking and sucking complete stranger’s cocks while pissing all over the place in a public transit train!” That’s why! That’s quite a “loophole” and speaking of holes Layla’s not shy about her hole! She’s ready willing and wet to offer her hole up to perfect strangers! So the next time you’re on your peaceful evening commute and some crazy girl begs for a hard fuck and a cum bath….. HIT IT! To see more videos, visit exxxposers here.

Dirty Sluts outdoor antics

May 8th, 2015

Meet our friends over in Germany where the limits to public sex are incredible! Check out this movie starting out with a car ride where the blond chick sucks cock. The car pulls over by a main road and she gets fucked whilst motorists drive past! The pair then move over to the sidewalk where she gives a blowjob where cars, cyclists and passers by go past. A little later theres fucking in the woods, fucking in a gas station car park and by the river. Incredible footage that has to be seen to be believed! Plenty more of these wild and crazy German antics to come soon… To see more videos, visit Terry Vision here.

Sucking cock in the pub garden

May 5th, 2015

What a day this turned out to be… we took a car ride with Lianne and a male “friend” plays with her pussy. On such a hot day we stop at a pub where some outdoor sexy cock sucking frolics take place including some make shift glory hole action involving a fence! A thirst is worked up so we head into the pub for some liquid refreshment… but the cock sucking still continues on the comfy chairs under the table :) We meet Bev in there and make our way to the toilets and fuck and suck in the cubicle. Later, we head off up to a rooftop later where the fun continues overlooking the busy streets… To see more videos, visit Real UK Couples here.

Park bench flashing

May 2nd, 2015

Wearing a short skirt and stilettos, Danielle and her male companion take a walk through the park, find a bench… and Danielle bares all by spreading her legs whilst lifting her mini skirt up! Then its back to the motor where Danielle sucks the guys cock as another car parks next to them! The guy eats her pussy and ass while they drive home .. back to the living room where the REAL fuckin’ starts. Lots of oral is performed and even Terry joins in briefly by sucking on her titties and slipping a finger up Danielles ass. Storm fucks her hard before unloading a big cumshot onto her ass and back. To see more, visit here

Dogging locations in and around Buckinghamshire

April 29th, 2015

If you have visited or know anyone who has visited any of the dogging locations in buckinghamshire we list then please feel free to add your comments. Things like best time or day to visit, if its a straight or gay dogging location can be really usefull. Dogging locations in and around Buckinghamshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Buckinghamshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. For example Shipton layby, Cockshoots Wood, Cublington Spinney and Kingsbridge Picnic Area, Raans Field off the A404 in Amersham, Ashgrove picnic site, Picnic carpark on the A4146, Whiteleaf Cross Picnic Site, Car Park by Three locks Pub, Stony Stratford nature area, Aston Rowant Nature Reserve, Cublington Spinney and Kingsbridge Picnic Area between Stewkley and Dunton. Stoke Hammond, Salcey Forest picnic area. This teen is a real flasher in Buckinghamshire who loves to strip and mastubate in public. Watc as she pulls down her knickers in the park and masturbates while we watch

What is carping

April 26th, 2015

I have noticed more and more doggers getting involved in carping. Carping comes from the activity of dogging. A carper is a person who engages in conversation with another person on a mobile phone (or through online chat) who is masturbating either publicly or privately.Many of the more experienced doggers (people who put on shows) invite carping by writing their telephone number on a cardboard box or large piece of paper and placing it on display inside their vehicle. Full film on your choice movies



Carping is also the definition of one who chats with another while watching them perform live on a web cam. Although the original definition of the word came from the actual physical event, online dogging has adopted the slang for its own use.

Dogging Locations In Shropshire

April 23rd, 2015

The dangers of hitching lifts became all too real when a man who accepted a lift from a stranger became caught up in the secret world of ‘dogging’ at one of Shropshire’s lesser known beauty spots and well known Shropshire dogging locations in and around Shropshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Shropshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. Wrekin hill in Telford, Ercall Wood, Longton – Park Hall Country Park, Haughmond Hill, Kingswood Common, Highgate common, Nedgehill picnic area, The wrekin hill, Oswestry Race Course, battlefield church carpark. This couple doesn’t mind fucking on the road in Shropshire

couple fuck in a car park on video

April 20th, 2015

English amateurs give you an exclusive view into their wives, lives and sexual secrets. Genuine amateur movies that although are in variable quality. They are real life amateur hardcore movies. The movies on these galleries are just a few low resolution samples for you too see what great exclusive movies we have. For the full length high quality movies. In this video clip we see this husband and wife suck and fuck in the car park join us at our site here to watch the full length movie. taken from Handjob Heaven

video off a British amateur spreading in the woods

April 17th, 2015

This cute housewife is smoking a fag and spreading her arse and pussy in the woods at this dogging spot. To see the full length movie visit One Man Banned Here

Dogging Locations In Northumberland

April 14th, 2015

Northumberland is the most northern county in England, and therefore it’s a bit cold and a bit cold for dogging. But dogging still goes on. Dogging locations in and around Northumberland the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. This might explain why there are so few dogging locations compared to other counties Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Northumberland you have found so we can keep our list up to date. I would’t say that it was a dogging car park as such, but I was getting fruity with the boyfriend once and another cpl pulled up and watched. St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, East Coast. Car-parks, The Highlander layby 1 mile south of Belsay, Blanchland Reservoir Picnic Area, Attenborough Nature Reserve. This milf is outside and is a real exhibitionist. Watch her dance and strip for us outside and then masterbate at this dogging spot in Northumberland.

Safe Sex and Dogging

April 11th, 2015
  • Always use condoms. Buy a large box or roll and bring extras to share with whomever shows up.
  • Remember that just because someone looks clean, that doesn’t mean they may not have an STD.
  • If a woman’s partner isn’t using a condom with her, that’s all the more reason you should.
  • Lube will make everyone more comfortable. Single-use packets are available and you can hand them out with condoms.
  • For women, take things slow and know your limits. Don’t be shy about telling a bloke to back off if he goes too far.
  • For couples, talk to your partner ahead of time about what you plan to do and what the ground rules will be. Have a signal or safe word to give each other if you need to end the scene.
  • This movie is from Kims amateurs
  • Dogging Locations In Oxfordshire

    April 8th, 2015

    Dogging locations in and around Oxfordshire the dogging locations in the UK change regulary. Main dogging sites and directions for oxfordshire, including major towns and cities: Oxford, Banbury, Witney, Bicester, Henley-on-Thames, Carterton, Thame. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Oxfordshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. On the B4100, just outside of Bicester heading towards Aynho. There is layby that is well protected by tall grass and trees. Park your car and head into the wooded area and there is always some action (guys, sometimes couples.) Great place if your into exhibitionism! triangular woodland just off the A420 at besselsleigh, turn opposite greyhound pub, (road to wootton)then first left. walk into woods and play. Culham Lock Carpark, oxford A40 layby with public toilets, Ford lane, frilford, xmas commom, White Horse Hill Car Park, Southam Road layby Banbury, Dorchester lakes, Bicester Services, preston crowmarsh, Stoke Wood car-park.

    British flashers fucking and sucking in the woods and in the car

    April 5th, 2015

    In this movie these British flashers are driving in their car and getting this real amateur flashing video. Watch them as they drive around with this slutty, very filthy flashing amateur whore, She flashes men in the other cars her boobs, arse and cunt. Loads of men see her fingering her own cunt as these three men video it. They all get to see her sucking all three mens dicks as well as being fucked by all three and it is all captured in this home made movie. Download the full length movie here

    dogging wives stripping and sucking outside

    April 2nd, 2015

    These pictures we took at this dogging site one night. We watched these two very sexy girls sucking cock, licking each others cunts and getting fucked. They even take a double facial and we carried on taking pictures while they were wiping cum from their faces. To see the complete dogging set visit British Doggers here


    Need a slut to take dogging?

    March 30th, 2015

    In order to meet up with a fuck date in a hurry or If you enjoy reading through or maybe looking at profiles involving females trying to find sex you will really like fuck date. This is the free of charge internet dating web-site in which you can, in case you are interested similar to me, read a variety of ladies and in some cases get to meet with these individuals and date them your self. I have utilized loads of paid dating sites & this is the one where I ended up fucking a few women. fuck date may be the only real adult dating web site in the U. K where by everyone only goes to have sex. Requesting some sort of date to fuck isn’t an insult for this internet dating internet site. If you feel it sounds to good to be genuine, then look. It truly is free to join too. Apparently they’ve more than a million people today.

    British doggers watch this slut flash

    March 27th, 2015

    British doggers will love this young amateur who is a real exhibitionists and is doing more and more dirty exhibitionist films. This British Dogger camera man can find lots of young amateur sluts to make films with and he has made 100’s of flashing and voyeur movies. This is a great voyeur film from this amateur and this young amateur slut. He asks this young slut to flash loads until eventualy she is naked fingering her cunt outside. See this British flashers film here with all his other sluts as well.

    Dogging History

    March 24th, 2015

    Dogging history is mainly folk law and half truthes. Many doggers and exhibitionists have there own theory about how dogging got started.
    Dogging or is basically Public sex, with others watching or joining in. Its an extension of swinging in some ways and not in others. Because with dogging as apposed to swinging. Actual sex contact doesnt always take place, as our dogging stories and dogging pictures show.One dogging theory is that the term “dogging” comes from voyeurs going to well known sites for couples and watching them have sex. But these voyuers wanted a reason for being out late wondering around while watching couples. So the pretended to take their dogs for a walk. But another theory is that to dog someone is also to follow or watch them. so dogging may have come from being dogged or being watched.

    dogging history

    Example of exhibitionist on the train

    Dogging started with exhibitionist couples and singles as the girl above flashing on the train ride to London above. Then dogging stories started to apear in both the news and national press.

    The dogging craze hi the headlines when well known footballer Stan Collymore admited he went dogging

    “Stan Collymore’s admission that he’s been “dogging” – having sex with strangers in public places – is the latest chapter in a sorry saga of how a potentially brilliant career came to grief” Read the whole stan collymore dogging story here

    Dogging can be great fun is is a great new craze to come out of the UK. As long as you follow the dogging rules you to can have dogging stories like this to tell.

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