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Amateur And Homemade Porn: site review and samples

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Amateur and homemade porn is the site for you if you love real amateurs. All of the content is filmed with personal camcorders and digital cameras. The people are all complete amateurs that never considered doing porn for publication. They were just filming themselves for fun, never suspecting that they’d turn up on the internet years later. This site is packed to the brim with porn that should have never been published! Acquired through disgruntled spouses and other voyeuristic methods, you’ll love what you’ll get at this fully amateur website. There’s nothing better than seeing a girl scream because of real passion! Check out Amateur and Homemade Porn for all your real amateur needs. Visit Amateur And Home Made Porn Here Now

Chav slut masturbating in public

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Everyone knows what a pain in the ass chavs are, but if you are not from the UK, the chances are you dont know what a chav is. Chavettes are them girls you see wearing them jeans with them playboy logos on it, some wear trackys others wear as little clothing as possible. Blonde, pink and white every where, sports wear or anything from the GAP, track suits for every day wear, wears only the best clothes or knock-offs of the best clothes, Low cut shirts and high cut shorts and skirts, huge hoop earrings. But these chavs apart from spending their time drinking cheap alcohol, fighting and breaking into cars, spend their time flashing and fucking in their councils houses or in public if they are still on the council house list. Taken from exxxposers

Fucking in the car

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Meet the twins Lena and Olga. In fact several passers-by, pedestrians and motorists meet these twins… and what an eyefull they get! In the back of a cab we take a journey with both Lena and Olga flashing there bits to the motorists. One guy in a truck puts his foot down hard on the gas to get a closer look from behind! He even pulls up alongside the cab and shouts out “are those twins”… amazing stuff! The girls also get there pussies eaten and give a hand job. Once out of the cab, these leggy twins walk down the street, raise there skirts and flash there tits. Look out soon for the conclusion… To see the complete video visit here

movie clips off a Real UK couple fucking outside

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Well guys, who wants to take my missus to a dogging site, WE don’t drive and her curiosity is getting the better of her. who wants to take my wife DOGGING.? She is really keen on trying it out, as we don’t drive,we need a driver 4 her,and instructions how it all works, so previous knowledge of this is paramount. This real UK couple are fucking and sucking in a well known dogging spot and car park. First this dogging lover gets fingered in her car. Then this British Couple go outside to suck and then fuck. To see the full length movie Visit Real UK Couples Here

Dogging Locations In Nottinghamshire

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

if you fancy ANY of the following then those fantasies CAN come true  in and around Nottinghamshire the dogging locations in the UK change regularly. Please let us know of any new dogging locations around Nottinghamshire you have found so we can keep our list up to date. You can get involved in Black guys (1:1 or groups)

Bisexuality (watching or trying), Role play (teacher/student, uncle/neice, doctor/patient, hooker/client), Bondage, Exhibitionism/voyeurism, Swingers clubs and parties (watch or join in) , submitting to a safe, clean, discreet dominant man, group fun with guys, group fun with girls, atching or making porn, fisting, Double penetration and anal the lot. Places we can go Holme Pierrepont car-park, Newstead Abbey, Blidworth Woods, Thieves Wood, Silverdale community centre, Attenborough Nature Reserve car-park., colwick park, Pleasley Vale, Clumber Park. This couple are fucking outside in in the park. In this hardcore voyeur movie.

videos in Essex taken from UK road trips

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

We are a couple looking to explore a fantasy involving single males, females or other couple where we are watched having sex. We like the idea of dogging but see it as a bit seedy and risky so this is a way we can do it and be comfortable. we are an attarctive couple – both straight but a little bi curious. In these small clips taken from the full length movie one slut gets the cock and the other sluts arse ready for some arse fucking. Summer in Essex, you can forget the Rio carnival because if you really need to get laid Essex girls are amongst the finest in the world. This Road Trip I bloody missed the early fun. Rebekah arrived a little pissed but brought the blonde bombshell Mellissa Walker to play, Yes they played alright so I am told because I was left in bed as punishment for not picking them up, they played with each other they had four love eggs up their pussies and tight arseholes, double dildo passion, shit I missed some good UK porn. To see the complete full length movie visit UK Road Trips here


Dogging Locations In Berkshire

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Ive never tried dogging but my inquisitive side has got the better of me and Im curious to see if its a bit of risque fun going out with a girl and encountering strange fun. I must point out Im 100% straight and thats not going to change, Im purley interested in the outdoor risque side of it and idea of maybe a 3 sum outdoor in and around Berkshire. Places I know about. Valley Gardens on the North Bank of the main lake, Maidenhead Thicket car-park, Manor Park Drive, Finchampstead, Englemere pond in ascot, A3 Hoggs back, Spenvalley Greenway track by the golf course, Chobham Ridges, Greenham Common, Prospect park, Aviation Museum off Bader Way, Ambarrow Court, Strawberry Wood in Black Park., Church Lane just off Stoke Poges Lane, Twyford station car park, Windsor Great Parks., Hog’s Back on the Surrey Hills, Thicket car-park, Virginia Water, Prospect park. In this movie we are at a picnic spot and a well known dogging spot in Berkshire with an extremely hot teen flashing. This clip was taken from exxxposers

Anglo Indian Teen Exhibitionist loves showing her massive tits

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Shiva Shaw the busty Indian chubby teen has launched her new site. This big and busty British Indian teen is outside flashing her massive breasts in this real amateur movie. She says “My name is Shiva and welcome to my very own exclusive site. As you can see I love dressing up in sexy little outfits that show of my rather large assets – I was blessed with naturally large breasts, 36G if I’m exact, which is quite unusual for Indian girls. I’m not your average Indian girl either, I have real curves and love to flaunt them, I decided that being proper wasn’t for me and instead, I broke away from the norm and decided that my naughty side just had to come out!” To watch shiva shaws video or to check out her site visit Shiva Shaw here 

Shiva also has her own twitter account

Videos off fucking amateurs on a train

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Meet Terry. He’s a hung ebony stud with a huge following. Girls will do anything to see him and they’ll go even further for the chance to fuck him. Terry takes advantage of this by making a bunch of white girls get wild in public places on his behalf. If he thinks their performance is hot enough, he’ll nail them like they’ve never been fucked before. If he thinks that their public actions aren’t outrageous enough, he’ll skip it and just film them. These girls are willing to do almost anything in public places to please Terry and get a dose of his big black cock. See More exxxposers Outdoor Nudity Here

movie clips off a slapper in the back of the car

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

This slapper is in the back of the car at a well known dogging spot. taken from Real UK Couples we see this British slapper fuck herself with a vibrator

video off a wife sucking her husband outside

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

In this small video clip of this exhibitionist couple taken at a local dogging spot, we see this wife sucking on her husbands cock. I love these small videos of real amateurs fucking outside and this full length voyeur movie of this couple fucking is great. In the full length amateur movie that I shot for British Doggers we get to see some great amateur hardcore action and this in the end the husband comes all in his filthy wifes mouth. To see the full length dogging spot movie visit British Doggers here

Videos taken from UK road trips

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

UK Roadtrips presents The London Trip. This is the big one, the time when I feel the UK Road Trips really came together. Luckily I had Bob the Knob back; they finally found a drug that allowed him to be out in public for more than five minutes without getting his cock out. He lasted at least 6 minutes. The girl of my dreams joined me on this Road Trip, and although living with Rebekah Jordan, I knew my heart had been stolen by this woman, Sonia arrived, she is half Egyptian, and takes you to the banks of the Nile with one look into her eyes. We picked her up from the Station and no sooner was she in the wagon when her clothes were off and this stunningly beautiful dusky lady was writhing over my ever stiffening cock. Oh my God I knew this was gonna be a movie. We set off that evening in search of the perfect night out, we picked up the ever rampant Jo Marshall from good old Tooting, and set off for the Kings Road Chelsea, Sonia and Jo were the perfect combination of ladies to take out to London. We hit Hammersmith Palais one of the greatest clubs in the world, we pulled up outside as the crowds were waiting to get in, we ran past security and the girls went straight to party mode, what ensued I can only thank my lucky stars, we were whisked up to the V.I.P suite where we gave the 50 men strong security team a live two girl show then me and bob entered the equation and the girls. What a night in London. Here are three small clips of the night. To see the full length movie visit UK Road Trips here


Interracial sex in the park

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

We took Karen into the woods for some nudity, sucking and fucking and nearly got rumbled! Karen had stripped down to her panties when 2 cyclists appeared from nowhere… so a hasty run-and-hide was called for! Once the mountain bikers has passed, Karen sucked Tony’s cock for while before he fucked her pussy. Terry then joined in the action for some 3-some fun. The second part of this movie sees 3 studs taking there turn drilling the redhead in a bedroom ending with a large cumshot which coats Karen from her stomach to her forehead! To see more, visit here

Two girls get down in a car and on the train

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Meet the twins Lena and Olga. In fact several passers-by, pedestrians and motorists meet these twins… and what an eyefull they get! In the back of a cab we take a journey with both Lena and Olga flashing there bits to the motorists. One guy in a truck puts his foot down hard on the gas to get a closer look from behind! He even pulls up alongside the cab and shouts out “are those twins”… amazing stuff! The girls also get there pussies eaten and give a handjob Once out of the cab, these leggy twins walk down the street, raise there skirts and flash there tits. Look out soon for the conclusion… To see more, visit here

Dirty little slut sucking on a train

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Sluts like Layla Jade can’t get in trouble for their antics that’s for sure. Why not? Because the law doesn’t yet have a citation for “fucking and sucking complete stranger’s cocks while pissing all over the place in a public transit train!” That’s why! That’s quite a “loophole” and speaking of holes Layla’s not shy about her hole! She’s ready willing and wet to offer her hole up to perfect strangers! So the next time you’re on your peaceful evening commute and some crazy girl begs for a hard fuck and a cum bath….. HIT IT! To see more videos, visit exxxposers here.

Dirty Sluts outdoor antics

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Meet our friends over in Germany where the limits to public sex are incredible! Check out this movie starting out with a car ride where the blond chick sucks cock. The car pulls over by a main road and she gets fucked whilst motorists drive past! The pair then move over to the sidewalk where she gives a blowjob where cars, cyclists and passers by go past. A little later theres fucking in the woods, fucking in a gas station car park and by the river. Incredible footage that has to be seen to be believed! Plenty more of these wild and crazy German antics to come soon… To see more videos, visit Terry Vision here.

Park bench flashing

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Wearing a short skirt and stilettos, Danielle and her male companion take a walk through the park, find a bench… and Danielle bares all by spreading her legs whilst lifting her mini skirt up! Then its back to the motor where Danielle sucks the guys cock as another car parks next to them! The guy eats her pussy and ass while they drive home .. back to the living room where the REAL fuckin’ starts. Lots of oral is performed and even Terry joins in briefly by sucking on her titties and slipping a finger up Danielles ass. Storm fucks her hard before unloading a big cumshot onto her ass and back. To see more, visit here

couple fuck in a car park on video

Monday, April 20th, 2015

English amateurs give you an exclusive view into their wives, lives and sexual secrets. Genuine amateur movies that although are in variable quality. They are real life amateur hardcore movies. The movies on these galleries are just a few low resolution samples for you too see what great exclusive movies we have. For the full length high quality movies. In this video clip we see this husband and wife suck and fuck in the car park join us at our site here to watch the full length movie. taken from Handjob Heaven

video off a British amateur spreading in the woods

Friday, April 17th, 2015

This cute housewife is smoking a fag and spreading her arse and pussy in the woods at this dogging spot. To see the full length movie visit One Man Banned Here

British flashers fucking and sucking in the woods and in the car

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

In this movie these British flashers are driving in their car and getting this real amateur flashing video. Watch them as they drive around with this slutty, very filthy flashing amateur whore, She flashes men in the other cars her boobs, arse and cunt. Loads of men see her fingering her own cunt as these three men video it. They all get to see her sucking all three mens dicks as well as being fucked by all three and it is all captured in this home made movie. Download the full length movie here

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